Boomer Bardo Meetup Jan 16, 2010

If you are in the DFW Area – Please Join Us at the Boomer Bardo MeetUp Group – It’s FREE! RSVP at January 16, 20103pm-5pmBoomer Survive and Thrive III: Got Internet Presence? Social Media, SEO and You. For Business Owners, Job Seekers and Networkers.(This Means … [Read more...]

Boomer Bardo July MeetUp Group

Get Retro-Active! Meet other DFW Boomers to connect, network, and share info. Saturday July 18, 2009 See for Details Social Networking, SEO and You - For Job Seekers. Got an Online Presence? Why Would I Want One? by Dorian Karthauser, Boomer, Boomer … [Read more...]